Thursday, April 1, 2010

Open Studio Weekend

Last weekend the Corban Estate Arts Centre opened up its rooms to visitors as part of the wider Waitakere Artists Open Studio Weekend.

CEAC’s contribution to this annual event was a ‘cluster’ of studio’s, exhibitions, drop-in art classes, art demonstrations and performances.

Through-out the two days a constant stream of visitors took advantage of the open doors to explore our converted winery spaces, see artists in their studio’s and get a taste of a busy arts centre.

Thanks to all those who contributed and helped during the weekend.

A few Artists working in their studios on site at CEAC:

Kairava Gullatz [Ceramic Artist]
Neil Miller [Sculptor]
This year the group exhibition ‘Neighbourhood’ became the central hub of the open art centre, providing a showcase of work by the extended CEAC community, including studio artists, tutors, friends and staff.

Andrew Hall, Kris Kell, Anna Korver and Katie Smith ran drop-in art workshops in junk assemblage, natural fibre, stone carving and textile printing.
Tony Brown [Painter]
Peter Lange [Sculptor]
Rene Jansen [Sculptor-Painter]
Anna Korver [Stone Carver]
Bernie Hartfleet [Painter - Mixed media]
Boe Busch [Painter]
Sophie Corban [Painter]
Yi Lang Chen [Painter]
Sarah Alexandre [Painter]
Beth Serjeant [Print Maker]
Ernesto Ovalle [Jewellery]
Ingrid Dubelt [Print Maker]
Andrew Hall [Sculptor]
Kris Kell [Natural Fibre]

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