Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Matariki Music Night - He Po Whakanui

A supportive crowd ventured out on a wintery Friday night to celebrate Matariki and honor the great Music Composer Dr Hirini Melbourne. The concert is part of a project to make a CD of Hirini’s music, led by his niece, Peata Melbourne and Ngatapa Black. Peata and Ngatapa are also making a documentary about the process of bringing together a range of musicians to interpret Hirini’s music for today’s generation.

An atmosphere was set in the warehouse area known as the Projectspace, transformed with splashes of colour reflected off the white walls and flickering orange fire lights. The lineup of talent was exceptional with outstanding musicians Anna Coddington, Tama Waipara, Awanui Reeder (Nesian Mystic), Maitreya, Ria Hall, Katera Maihi, Majic Paora and Mel Davis. It was a unique experience with each of the artists performed a waiata composed by Hirini and a couple of their own compositions. Horomona Horo’s haunting koauau accompanied many of the compositions. Even Jason from Op Shop was there as part of Maitreya’s group The Babysitters’ Club’. Peata Melbourne was our delightful, elegant and sometimes cheeky MC.

Thank you to all those who got behind making this such a memorable occasion:- Ngatapa, Aroha, Peata, Kelly, Mei and Mikki-tae.


Photographs by Max-
Projectspace stage

Horomona Horo

Peata Melbourne with Majic Paora

Awanui Reeder with David Atai

Awanui Reeder with Peata Melbourne

Mel Davis

Mel Davis with Anthony Pirihi

Supper break

The Waitamata Maori Wardens

Katera Maihi

Anna Coddington

Tama Waipara with Anna Coddington

Jaime Greenslade (aka) Maitreya, Jason Kerrison, and Selwyn Leaf

Jaime Greenslade (aka) Maitreya and Selwyn Leaf

Puawai Cairns

Ria Hall

Puawai Cairns and Rangi Rangitukunoa

Tama Waipara

Tama Waipara with Horo Horomona

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