Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Metonymy 2010 - forging new creative connections

CEAC Staff member Anne-Sophie Adelys photographed the opening of the Metonymy 2010 exhibition. Metonymy is on show at the Corban Estate Arts Centre Gallery until the 17th of October.

Click here for more information and other Metonymy events.

Quotes from the 2010 Metonymy selection panel.

"Some of the works in the show have a very simple and simplistic approach to the collaborative process with two ideas or concepts placed together or juxtaposed.

The more outstanding works in the exhibition shows that the collaboration has occurred at all stages from the initial ideas through the development of those idea and the production process,
culminating in an expanded work which has gained in complexity and density."

Joint comment by Panel - John Daly-Peoples, Simon Ingram, Riemke Ensing, Sam Sampson

"This is an unusual and innovative exhibition, where you can dig deep and discover diverse, sensitive, surprising and sometimes puzzling imagination at work in a wide and exciting range of media. I found these collaborations an enticement for the mind, eye and ear ."
- Riemke Ensing (one of the Panel)

CEAC Director Martin Sutcliffe at the Metonymy exhibition opening

'Miss Communication-Mr Communication' Jeong Yeung and Callum Stembridge

'Erstwhile' Kate Sellars and Penny Somervaille

'Erstwhile' (detail)

'Layers of cold' Natalie Rogers and Maddy King

'Human Archeology' Paul Woodruffe and Renee Liang

'Isis' John Eaden and Jane Griffin

'Pupa' Alice Wong and Julie Ryan

'Pathways we carry with us' Isla Osborne and Miriam Barr

'Blind' Dianne Rimmer and Rata Gordon

'All our lovely ladies' Ian Peter Weston and Janet Charman

'The tobacco tin and other distractions' Hana De Roo and Rosetta Allan

'Omphalos' Paul Brunton and Michalia Arathimos

Anne-Sophie Adelys and Helen Sword

Viewing 'The Sound of Silence' Erin Gaffney and Leigh Fitzjames

Renee Liang with her work 'Human Archeology'

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