Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love is in the air...

At Corban Estate Arts Centre we believe in love!
That’s why Valentine’s Day has inspired us to invite our friend, New Zealand award winning writer & performer, Courtney Meredith to share this lovely poem with you. Enjoy!

Wolf menuet

Courtney Sina Meredith

Pecking my palms blue
stolen swallow cowers

in sleep I form us both
cotton mouth mud heart

Christ peers rose mesh
my arms fold my love. 

Can you hear that town?
burnt cars tall men fallen

firework hills marching
cinematic balloon launch

my arms unfold my love
your body is open country.

I walk the platinum lake
throwing rice to saints

eyes on me are so white
no love can love enough.

About Courtney 
Courtney Meredith
Courtney Meredith was born in 1986, she has a degree in English and Political Studies from the University of Auckland, where she also studied Law and co-edited Spectrum 5.  She was the writer in residence for the LiteraturRaum Bleibtreu Berlin 2011. Courtney was the first New Zealander, the first Pacific person and the youngest artist to be selected. While in Germany, she featured in Mau Theatre’s world Premiere of Le Savali.
She describes her works as an on-going discussion of contemporary urban life with an underlying Pacific politique. Courtney has been published within Mauri Ola, Pulp, the New Zealand Herald, Landfall, Colorado’s and more. She has forthcoming publications in Berlin and Indonesia. Her first play Rushing Dolls won the Aotearoa Pasifika Play Competition 2010, and two Adam NZ Play Awards including Best Play by a woman playwright and Runner-up overall. Her realisation of ‘Rushing Dolls’ seeks to artistically represent a new breed of Pacific and Maori women, actively engaged with their dreams.

Courtney will tour Indonesia in April for the Puisi International Poetry Festival. She is of Samoan, Mangaian and Irish descent.

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