Monday, April 2, 2012

In April: Upcoming exhibitions

3 Artists explore nostalgia and memory

Auckland-based artists Anne-Sophie Adelys, Vaimoana Eves and Harvey Benge, will present solo exhibitions exploring nostalgia and memory at Corban Estate Arts Centre from 20 April – 27 May.

These three exhibitions use disparate materials to stimulate emotions in the viewer related to the past and reminiscence.

Re-Collection by Anne-Sophie Adelys references kitsch and contemporary styles to incite visual triggers in the spectator by clustering together an assemblage of items from or inspired by the mid-20th century.  Adelys investigates the feeling of nostalgia and how such a relationship develops between the viewer and an object.
Vaimoana Eves’ exhibition Play Space involves interactive soft sculptures which act as a vehicle for exploration.  The child-like, playful, yet disturbingly sensuous objects trigger common personal narratives and memories in the visitor.  Visitors will be invited to interact directly with the sculptures and consider their instinctive responses to the activity.

Harvey Benge’s series Against Forgetting sees the camera artist return to his childhood home in Auckland’s Mt Roskill and look at his past through the lens of the present.  Benge’s exhibition incorporates objects found on his expeditions through the neighbourhood of his youth as well as old photographs to illustrate his nostalgic journey.

A range of public programmes will accompany these exhibitions. Please see our website for further details:

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