Monday, May 14, 2012

In June: Upcoming exhibitions

A charged collection of documentary photographs & a series of biomorphic sculptures - Upcoming Exhibitions

 Bernie Harfleet and Donna Sarten present a charged collection of documentary photographs as part of the Auckland Photography Festival while Christchurch-based sculptor Matt Akehurst reveals the latest editions in his series of biomorphic sculptures at Corban Estate Arts Centre from 1 June – 8 July.

Object 5+ by Matt Akehurst features a selection of white ambiguous forms encased in vitrines and mounted on plinths.  With their small scale and specimen-like presentation, Akehurst’s Objects take on an anthropological quality while simultaneously alluding to the reclining figures of prodigious modernist sculptor Henry Moore in their fluidity.  Akehurst is an active member of Arts Voice; an organization dedicated to serving the Christchurch arts community, and will be presenting a talk about his exhibition as well as the current state of the creative arts in Christchurch. 

Part of the Auckland Festival of Photography 2012, Norm & Noeleen from Bernie Harfleet and Donna Sarten are two personal photographic series follow the demise of the artists’ adopted parents and serve as a reminder to viewers of the disempowerment age can bring.  These poignant photographs are heartening in witnessing the determination of these two individuals to maintain some independence by staying in their own homes; however viewers will be simultaneously affected by this look into the inevitable future of humans – that of increasing health issues and death.

A range of public programmes will accompany these exhibitions. Please see our website for further details:

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