Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Circle of Riffs
Dane Taylor
By Kathryn Tsui

Auckland based artist Dane Taylor works on pre-existing images that he then overlays with painted abstractions.  In Circle of riffs, Taylor’s latest exhibition, he continues to use these found images as the basis for interactions between the recognisable world and the supposedly abstract.

Many of the works centre on hand painted kaleidoscopic abstractions that refract the image, surrounding them in a visual exchange. The artists says, “the work is intended to facilitate visual thinking, to exercise the part of the brain that explores and understands visual language without necessarily being able to translate what is said into spoken language.”

Rather than methodically sourcing images, Taylor prefers to follow a rendezvous style of approach, a concept used by artist Marcel Duchamp (1887- 1968) known as the predecessor of conceptual art. The rendezvous between the artist, and the object they appropriate, functions as a random element in the artwork connected to the artist’s daily life.  In the case of this show, many of the images are from rare old books and postcards Taylor discovered hunting through the Avondale markets near his home, which he frequents weekly. 

Taylor’s painted and printed image compositions combine hand painted elements with digital methods. He often adapts the original image reworking the composition to suit, before applying the opaque gouache medium to render a multi-layered portal between unique artwork and reproductions, abstraction and the representational.

Artist biography
Dane Taylor is an Auckland based artist with an art practice grounded in abstract painting and photography. Taylor graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland in 2009 and completed a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Film and Anthropology, Victoria University in 2001. In the past four years his works have featured in a variety of galleries including Robert Heald Gallery in Wellington; and in Auckland, the George Fraser Gallery, Papakura Art Gallery and Snake Pit.

Kids art workshop with the artist
Saturday 31 August, 11am-12.30pm FREE
In this art workshop with artist Dane Taylor we will explore the possibilities of collage with existing images and get to colour in your own crystalline jewel shape!  All materials provided!

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