Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Art installations in many forms at Corban Estate Art Centre

Corban Estate Arts Centre's latest exhibitions by Judy Darragh, Elliot Collins and Robert George are three distinct art installations assembled out of objects, text, moving image and sound, on display from 25 October to 1 December 2013.

Judy Darragh’s newest floor and wall based installation is constructed out of consumer by-products and everyday objects that are attacked with intense colour. Infamous for her resourceful use of non-valuable materials, Darragh contorts these materials into new and unrecognisable assemblages.

Artist Elliot Collins fills the gallery space with text, sculpture and photography in his latest exhibition based on The Odyssey by Homer. Collins visually relocates the story line to take place within the islands of the Hauraki Gulf, representing his on-going interest in the perception of New Zealand as a vibrant place for exploration and discovery.

While artist Robert George captures the interior landscape of the human mind through large scale moving images and sound. He creates a space in which the waking mind gives way to the unconscious mind, where dreams, memories and symbolism take over.

On offer is a full range of free art gallery activities. Artist Elliot Collins will run a kids workshop on Saturday 23 November and the curator will give a guided tour of Judy Darragh’s latest exhibition on Saturday 30 November. 

Find more information about this exhibition and associated activities on our website: www.ceac.org.nz

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