Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sculpting Pure Silver Jewellery, a new Summer School workshop with Ingrid Schloemer
By Patricia Aguilera
Now you can create your own jewellery accessories in Sculpting Pure Silver Jewellery, a new workshop with silver clay artist Ingrid Schloemer, offered at Corban Estate Arts Centre from 13 – 17 January 2014 as part of the centre’s annual Summer School arts programme.

Ingrid Scholemer is an exceptional jewellery artist whose passion for silver has led her to exhibit and sell her work internationally in Germany, the United States, Australia and throughout New Zealand.  Her interest in silver began in 2006 when she discovered the versatility of precious metal clay and soon engaged in learning contemporary silver sculpture.  “The most fascinating aspect of silver is the transformation of a soft, clay-like substance that can be shaped in infinite ways” - Ingrid says. 

Ingrid finds her inspiration in her immediate surroundings.  Nature and its constant changes, the effects of light and darkness are the inspiration for decorative motifs used in her creations. “My eyes are constantly hunting for pleasing shapes, colour combinations and textures to incorporate into the design of another jewellery item.” – Ingrid says.

Over seven years of practice and dedication have enabled Ingrid to become a senior clay silver instructor. As a certified tutor, Ingrid has taught over a thousand students of all ages. Ingrid says of her teaching experience, “The possibilities are incredible and attendees see what others make, get new ideas and also learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. It’s always an honour for me to guide every participant to create an original jewellery item and witness the joy and amazement this medium provides!”
Enthused over sharing her passion for silver, Ingrid will take you through the design aspects of sculpting jewellery for the different kinds of items. You will acquire skills to shape, refine and finish your individual silver jewellery pieces. You will learn various decoration techniques such as the use of moulds for applying textures and working with a syringe to create filigree and intricate hollow items.

At the end of this five-day workshop, you will have produced at least four jewellery items and gained new skills and inspiring ideas to continue creating original jewellery at home.  “Beginner or not, everyone will create individual silver jewellery. My promise is that by the end of the week you will look at your world with different eyes”. - Ingrid says about this workshop.

Enrolments for Sculpting Pure Silver Jewellery and other Summer School workshops are now open.  To ensure a place call (09) 838 4455 or email . For more information about this class and the full 2014 Summer School programme, please visit

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